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Consul Generals' Message on Navam Poya Day

Posted on: February 26, 2021 | Back | Print

Dear Sri Lankan Friends,

Humanity is facing one of the biggest threats in the history of mankind. The COVID-19 pandemic which started last year have already claimed millions of human lives and disrupted the entire world economy. Sri Lanka was also affected badly by this pandemic. However the mutual cooperation and the strong leadership of our both counties helped us to fight the COVID-19 pandemic together.

India believes in “Vasudewa Kudumbakam – Entire world is Our Family”. India committed to help the entire humanity, rose to the occasion and proved once again as the pharmacy of the world. During the initial period of the pandemic, India supplied 26 tons of essential medicines to Sri Lanka. Astrazeneca vaccine produced in Serum Institute of India, Pune was delivered to the neighboring countries by India under its’ Vaccine Maitri proggamme in January this year. Sri Lanka received 5 lack vials of Made in India vaccine on 28th January 2021. These helped Sri Lankan authorities to kick start the vaccination programme against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2020, WHO established COVAX to ensure the equitable access of COVID-19 vaccines to all people in all corner of the world regardless of their wealth. On 24th February this year, Ghana became the first country to receive COVID-19 vaccine via the COVAX facility. These vaccines supplied to Ghana under COVAX were also made in India by Serum Institute. Thus, India Made Vaccine is at the fore front in International Corporation of COVID-19 vaccine. I am happy to know about the plans of Sri Lankan government for further purchase of made in India vaccines. India welcomes this continued corporation with government and people of Sri Lanka and let us together fight and overcome this difficult time.


Thank You.

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