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Revised OCI Fees

September 22, 2011 

All applicants for OCI may please note that in future, applicants are requested to pay the OCI fees ( Sri Lankan Rs. 32,950.00) in advance along with Triplicate copies of filled in application forms and photocopies of all the documents. On approval, the applicants would be requested to come again with their Original documents for verification. Rejected applicants would be called to collect refund OCI fees amounting to Rs. 29,950.00, after deducting a sum of Rs.3000.00 as processing fee.

New OCI Fees are as under with immediate effect:-

a) Fresh Application                                                                           : Rs. 32,950.00
b) Re issue of OCI cards and Misc. services                                : Rs.3,250.00
c) Issue of duplicate OCI cards ,in case of loss / damage         : Rs. 12,150.00