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Consul General speech on the occasion of celebrating 7th International Day of Yoga

Posted on: June 22, 2021 | Back | Print




Yoga is one of the most precious gifts given by the ancient Indian sages to humankind. Free from illness, a path to wellness-that is the path of Yoga. Yoga has many benefits for our body as well as mind. A strong immune system can help us to fight many diseases like COVID 19. Yoga can help in building immunity through various exercises like breathing which strengthen your lungs. Yoga exercises help a lot to get rid of anxiety and keep the mind calm and relaxed.

Regular practice of Yoga can also help our people to be stress free and stay strong. Together with fitness we should focus on wellness as well.

Yoga is good for community, immunity and unity. Yoga is an experience that connects us, our family, our society and the entire world with a single thread. So yoga is a wonderful journey from 'mine' to 'us'.

As Indian Prime Minister, Hon. Narendra Modi said, ‘Yoga is a symbol of universal aspiration for health and well-being. It is health assurance in zero budget.’

United Nations declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga in year 2015. As a part of celebrating 7th International Day of Yoga, Consulate General of India, Hambantota organized a two week online Yoga session for Yoga enthusiasts in Southern Province. Today, we are celebrating the final Yoga session for this year. I welcome each and every one of you to participate in this session. I also use this opportunity to thank each of you who participated in our online Yoga session for past two weeks.


Thank you.

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