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Student Exchange Programme - 2019

Posted on: January 05, 2019 | Back | Print

The students of the Sridhamma College, Labuduwa Galle and St. Mark's Secondary School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi joined hands for the 1st time to welcome each other as part of an Educational & Cultural Exchange Programme. It provided an opportunity for the students of both schools to establish friendships and understand each other’s culture better – the many similarities and the subtle differences between Indian and Sri Lankan way of life. On January 05th, Shri Prem Nair, the Consul General of India in Hambantota, met the the students and the teachers of the two schools of the Exchange programme to share their experience of the visits. Mr. Ravindra Pushpakumara, Principal of Sridhamma College, was also present on the occasion.

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